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Robert Schönholzer

Kampagne erstellt am: 30.03.2021 | Technologie

SaroCat brings a revolution in cat hygiene, scratching without litter.
Scratching on the grass mat instead of cat litter, means constant cleanliness for the cat. Together with the other components, the SaroCat ensures automatic maintenance so that it always remains clean and odourless.

Key benefits
• Doesn’t require litter
• Self-cleaning litter box
• Perfect hygiene for cats and your home.
• No more unpleasant odors and allergens at your home.
• You have no longer to absorb litter in your home.
• Eco-friendly, because you do not need cat litter.
• Great design. An eye-catcher in every home.

Perfect hygiene
SaroCat provides you and your loved house cat with the best hygiene. Get rid of most problems you face with litter boxes at once with the SaroCat! No more unpleasant odors and allergens at your home. And by using the SaroCat, the surroundings are not getting dirty anymore.

Twice the comfort
Modern technology in connection with your cat? Absolutely! The SaroCat grass mat simulates a soft surface to your cat and invites the cat to scratch on it, which means it always stays clean and with SaroCat you no longer have to clean up litter in your home.

SaroCat allows you not only to pamper your fastidious cat. 15 years of research and development and the use of the most modern technologies not only carries the comfort to your home, but also the certainty that it works. It is easier to use than you might think.
The only cat litter box in the world that can be used with or without cat litter!
You do not have to use cat litter anymore! But you can. If you still want to use cat litter, especially if it’s your cat’s habit, you can-use it. We then recommend to use fine-grain silicate.

Functionality of the SaroCat royal
The soft surface of the grass mat on the inside of the SaroCat royal gives your house cat the feeling of short-cut natural grass. Since it always stays clean, the SaroCat provides the best requirements for your cat. When your cat steps into the SaroCat, he or she will be identified by the sensors.
After the exit of the cat, the cleaning process will start automatically – the feces on top of the grass mat will be transported in the waste container with a rake. The container lid only opens shortly before and the sealing will shut immediately to avoid disruptive odour. Upon retracting, the grass mat will be cleaned by a nozzle which is integrated in the rake. The waste water will flow into an easy-to-empty tank.
SaroCat is the only automatic cat toilet worldwide that also allows you to use the litter that your darling is used to. To do that, remove the grass mat and the SaroCat royal now operates without cleaning through the nozzles.

Cats love it - You too!

After 15 years of research and development, we are now ready to produce!
The mould construction is already in progress. In the next few weeks, we will start with the production.
If no difficulties arise, we will be able to start deliver your SaroCat royal in January 2021!

SaroCat is a Swiss made innovation a development. It will produce in the EU. Our mold construction has already started!

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